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the New Generation of Placement Machines

There is only one word that adequately describes the new SIPLACE X-series:
A term that concisely reflects the outstanding features of the new SIPLACE X placement systems, because they offer a maximum of lucrative benefits:

MaXimum throughput


MaXimum reliability


MaXimum safety and easy operation


MaXimum compatibility with respect to peripherals and handling

With a clearly better price-performance ratio than all other available solutions, the SIPLACE X-series is setting a new standard.
MaXimum Flexibility. MaXimum Productivity. No Compromise.
That's what we call MaXability!

From a technical aspect, the successful concept of the SIPLACE X-series is based on the following innovations: 

  Innovation: The New SIPLACE 20-Nozzle Collect&Place Head  
  Innovation: The New Digital SIPLACE X Vision System  
  Innovation: The New Intelligent SIPLACE Feeder Modules  

But MaXability means even more:

SIPLACE X Flexibility

By combining these aspects the SIPLACE X-series marks the beginning of a new era in the electronics industry. The SIPLACE X - a new placement machine generation you should not pass up!


SIPLACE X Flexibility -
MaXability means No Compromise in Productivity and Flexibility

Thanks to its complete and consistent modularity and flexibility, the new SIPLACE X-series is the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

The modular design allows to choose the ideal configuration for each production line, no matter whether you need two (X2), three (X3) or four gantries (X4). In high-speed production environments the four-gantry SIPLACE X4 will be the machine of choice. In more flexible or sophisticated applications it will be supported by the three-gantry SIPLACE X3 or the dual gantry SIPLACE X 2.

For even more flexibility, the new 20-nozzle Collect&Place heads can be combined with the proven 6-nozzle and 12-nozzle Collect&Place heads or the high-precision TwinHead when larger components must be placed.

Additionally, even the conveyor modes of the SIPLACE X are configurable: synchronous and asynchronus dual lane transport, single lane transport as well as flexible dual lane transport are available.

By providing flexible gantry, head and transport configurations, the SIPLACE X-series offers the right solution sized to your needs. That’s what makes “maXability” so attractive: The SIPLACE X-series is a machine platform that perfectly adapts to your individual requirements, what ever they may be.

The result

The SIPLACE X-series is much more than a new machine: It is a new system – a trendsetting new platform that opens up a new possibility for increasing the efficiency and productivity of your production – and what is more - it offers highest flexibility.


SIPLACE X Vision -
the New Reliable and Flexible Component Recognition System

For the SIPLACE X-series our engineers developed a completely new digital SIPLACE X vision system for maximum precision and reliability. While very easy to operate, it features extremely reliable and flexible component recognition - without restricting the cycle time of the fast 20-nozzle Collect&Place head.

The SIPLACE 20-Nozzle Collect&Place Head -
Maximum Performance with Maximum Accuracy
One of the pillars of the successful concept of the SIPLACE X-series is the new 20-nozzle Collect&Place head. With the help of this masterpiece of precision engineering, a single four-gantry SIPLACE X4 for example achieves a placement rate of up to 80,000 cph - a new world record, and the winner is you!


HS - Very High Speed for Very High Throughput

SIPLACE response to the Very-High-Speed category is SIPLACE HS. This revolutionary placement system is a new generation machine with a benchmark throughput of 60,000 components per hour – for a extended component range from 0201 up to large ICs or Flip Chips.

The SIPLACE modules basing on the common platform can be extended to you demands. If you need more throughput, just add machines to get 120,000; 180,000; 240,000 cph or more.
SIPLACE HS places components faster--and thus more profitably--than conventional placement machines in a frame less than eight feet long.

Therefore it uses 4 revolver heads and the same interchangeable feeders as other SIPLACE machines. SIPLACE HS employs an innovative gantry system with linear motor technology for amazing speed and increased accuracy - now an outstanding 75 µm at 4 sigma.
Among very high-speed machines, the SIPLACE HS has the lowest defect rate in the industry. This means less downtime and maximum output for your manufacturing process.


The SIPLACE HF - setting the standard for flexible, fast placement of complex components.

The SIPLACE HF complements the SIPLACE HS, S, and F machine families and is compatible with all other SIPLACE machines. It can be easily integrated into your existing lines or be used as a stand-alone system for smaller lot-sizes or prototypes. Thanks to its wide component range and high number (180) feeder inputs, it can process a multitude of different products and types of boards.

The SIPLACE HF features new drives, a new head, new conveyor and new software. The SIPLACE HF's gantries are made from a carbon-fiber composite that is five times lighter and twice as rigid as steel, a significant contribution to the systems speed and accuracy. The result is a placement rate of 17,000 cph, with an accuracy of 30 um at 4 sigma. Such outstanding performance means that we can guarantee our customers the lowest cost per placement in the flexible fine-pitch category along with maximum productivity.


SIPLACE C-Series for medium-volume, highly flexible electronics manufacturing

The C-Series is the SIPLACE solution for the medium-volume, flexible production environment. The C-Series consists of the SIPLACE CS high-speed placement machine with an outstanding placement rate of 20,000 cph and an accuracy of 68 µm. The SIPLACE CS is a two-gantry system. Each gantry has a 6-segment Collect and Place head. Both heads operate according to the Collect and Place principle, which allows placement to continue virtually uninterrupted.

The other machine of the SIPLACE C-Series is the highly flexible SIPLACE CF multifunction placement system, offering speeds of up to 9,000 components per hour. Its accuracy is determined by the type of placement head used: 68 µm with the Collect and Place head and 38 µm with the pick and place head. The SIPLACE CF is a single-gantry system with both a pick and place and Collect and Place head. This combination achieves high speed with highest accuracy and covers the entire SMT component range, from standard components, including 0201, to chip scale, µBGA and BGA. Additionally, a range of customer-specific nozzles and grippers allows processing of all types of odd-form components.


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